2014 Grand National

As the longtime spnsor, John Smith, moved aside, The 2014 Crabbies Grand National marked the 167th occasion the event had taken place. The internationally popular event took place, as usual, at Aintree Racecourse, this time on 5th April 2014. The race involved 40 runners who fought for this year’s unprecedented prize of £1 million. So far, this was the largest joint fund set aside for any Grand National.

The race was won by Pineau De Re, ridden by Leighton Aspell who outdistanced the second-slot champion by 5 lengths. The Leighton / Pineau De Re pairing took home  £561,300 for the win. The 25/1 victor was followed by a determined pursuer – Balthazar King – who delivered the second-biggest prize to Richard Johnson- £211,100. This 14/1 shot favorite defeated A. P. McCoy, who was riding Double Seven, by 1 and 1/4 lengths. Still, third-place scooped a prize of £105,500.

Channel 4 broadcast the race, as they had done the year previous. Channel 4 had won TV broadcast privileges after BBC bowed out in 2012, though the Beeb did sttill broadcast the race on radio (though it’s arguably not well suited o the medium!) as they had done for over 80 years straight.

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